Dupont Cyrel DPR

DuPont Packaging Graphics continues to be a global technology leader in the development and supply of flexographic printing systems. Our R&D team continues to develop innovative new solutions to help our customers expand their business by taking advantage of new and profitable opportunities in the growing flexographic packaging market. The DuPont Packaging Graphics portfolio of products includes DuPont Cyrel brand photopolymer plates(analog digital) and, Cyrel platemaking equipment, Cyrel round sleeves, Cyrel plate mounting systems and the revolutionary Cyrel FAST thermal system.

Dupont Cyrel Plates: Higher quality at high speed

Cyrel DPR is the digital plate of choice for high quality printing across a broad range of packaging segments. DPR has been designed to perform with a wide array of substrates.

Dupont Cyrel DPR


  • Flexible packaging
  • Tag & Label
  • Folding cartoons
  • Beverage cartons

Printing Ink and Solvent Compatibility

Cyrel DPR offers excellent compatibility with solvent based and water based inks, and limited compatibility with select UV inks

Product Features

  • Outstanding run length
  • Excellent tonal range
  • Sharp type and open reverses
  • Low dot gain
  • High exposure resolution results in better quality reproduction on press
  • Image relief is clean and sharp
  • High resistance to ozone and white results in excellent storage capability

Process of Use

Expose the plate through the back to establish the floor and maximize sensitivity. Back exposure varies according to relief required. Remove the protective coversheet and image the plate with the Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI). Expose the front of the plate surface. Process the plate in the Cyrel solvent processor to remove unexposed polymer. Finish the plate on a light finisher to eliminate surface tackiness.

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