What Is SAT

SAT is an acronym for Scholastic Aptitude Test which is a standardized test taken for undergraduate college admissions in the US. This test is administered by the College Board and includes Critical reading, writing and mathematics sections taken in MCQ format. Each section is timed.The purpose of conducting SAT is to understand a students readiness for college.

Students receive their scores 2-3 weeks after their test and the results are available online via the College Board website. The test is graded out of 1600 and is based on percentile. It assesses your speed, accuracy, memory, and reasoning.

Students often prefer to start the preparation early to allow time for multiple attempts so that they can choose to send their best scores to the universities. Starting early also gives reasonable time to prepare for as students are able to focus more without diverting their attention toward college applications as well.

How to register

  • Creating a profile on College Board
  • Fill the details in the application with candidate information.
  • Select the test and test center
  • Upload passport size photograph and make the payment for the test.
  • Print admission ticket for reference in the future.

Am I eligible to give SAT?

There is no such restriction from giving the SAT, other than being a high school student who would like to go abroad for undergraduate studies, that is, Bachelor’s. Some colleges and universities have started offering a waiver from giving the SAT, find out if your colleges offer a waiver.

How to send your scores to universities?

Most universities require students to send their scores through the official college board website than accept copies from students. Candidates can opt to send their scores to 4-5 universities directly when the scores are released than pay extra later. Scores can be sent online via the college board website, via mail by sending the ‘Additional Score Report Form’ or by calling the customer service.